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On Healers - 2010

I’m sitting at healer Rahea Ferguson’s kitchen table when she offers me some tea. “It’s a homemade herbal cleansing tea,” she says. I politely accept, but am a little concerned about what “homemade” implies. Roots and leaves from the garden? Caterpillar’s legs and rabbit’s claw? To my pleasant surprise the tea is subtle; fruity yet flowery, and, ironically, collected from an Ottawa nutrition store on Bank Street. I comment on its taste, as well as the appetizing aroma that is wafting over from the oven. “I’m making scones,” Ferguson says with a smile. “I always think it’s important to honour my guests. What are humans without honour?” The house is a modest country home of average size, telling of family...

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Yoga: The Western Trend with Eastern Roots - 2010

I’ll be honest: I’ve never taken a yoga class before, although I’ve made (rather pathetic) attempts to practise yoga at home using instructional DVDs and YouTube videos. As soon as I mention this to Danielle Lithwick, a yoga instructor at Ashtanga Yoga Ottawa, I feel like I’ve committed a sin. Good. I am going to learn something. My impression is that the yoga of the west has lost its roots. Anyone toting a yoga mat and sporting Lululemon pants thinks she is a yoga master. When Lithwick and I enter the studio, I’m impressed at how authentic it feels; I expected something modern and edgy. In the hallway hang several collages, including one with photographs from India, many featuring guru...

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